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Fitting in, growing up, communication

Ten years ago, I was a happy-go-lucky kid with not a care in the world - and without any sort of indication of friends. Truly, I think I just didn't need them back then, or maybe it was the way I was brought up. Or maybe the lack of kindergarten. Anyway, I don't know what caused it, maybe it's the norm. In fact, if it is the normal way of doing things, just another way of life, I wouldn't know it. Why? Because people broadcast that the normal way is social and outgoing, if you are outside of that definition, you're an outsider. You should be looked at and given labels. 

Ten years later, I still don't know if I'm the norm, or at least a part of the lesser norm out there. I'm sure it'll take me a long survey to know for sure. I know though, that I don't have a great desire for communication among peers. Heck, I don't post in internet forums much either or visit chat rooms. And I'm comfortable. Well, as much as someone can be comfortable knowing they may be outside of the norm. Abnormal. Weirdos. Lots of people feel the need to fit in and I happen to be one of them, thought I try desperately to cut it out and just "be myself".

Oh, and as far as that phrase goes, it's a bunch of nonsense. You can be yourself for only as far as they let you to. In the beginning, "you" are shaped by your teachers and peers. You grow up in a sand box of selected preferences and watch out if you like the things outside of it. The phrase only becomes true once you let go of the idea that you're special and remember that nobody really cares about your quirks. That's when you really feel you wont get scolded for who you are, nobody will laugh (okay, if it's something silly, they will!) and you can feel comfortable. But until then, I think it's pretty much hardwired into your brain to feel insecure when you're a teenager. 


It's almost annoying how I get short for words once I stop down to write here. I get a line or two, worthy of Twitter and nothing else. And yet so many people can muster up paragraphs of the stuff! Blog matter is hard work once you run out of words during the first shots.  


 Lovely little thing, is it not? 

Writer's Block: Best book ever!

Is there any book you can read over and over again without ever getting sick of it? Do you discover something new every time you read it?

Terry Pratchett is the author. Every time I reread his books, I find something new, or figure out a joke afresh. 

Happy New Year!

Aaaaa it's here and I'm wishing you all the best for the year, the new decade of delightful things your way! :D

T-shirt love :)

With the grand sale that Threadless has going on right now, I bought a bunch of t-shirts - that still came out cheaper than if I bought them here!

Deep Tree Diving
Honey Moon
Solitary Dream pt2
Electric Jellyfish
and the classic The Madness of Mission 6!

Decided not to be optimistic about it and got them in large sizes, all except one, where I bet on a Medium just to try the size out. One's a guy t-shirt too, I doubt it'll be vastly different, really. Eagerly awaiting their arrival in the mail!

Философия 2

Славно говорить - я нахожу в себе силы. Находить то на самом деле дело второе. Легкое. Простое. Нашел, и вот они, силы, тут как тут. Бери и используй. Раньше ты просто не замечал их.

Итак. Не буду сожалеть. Это пустая трата времени. Я уже сэкономила много времени не сожалея об окончании школы, хоть и потратила его на сожаление того, что у меня то волосы не те, то юбка не модной длины, то еще что-то. Но это можно, это подростковая неуверенность.

Перестану жалеть, что нету любимого.
Буду действовать! Больше мелькать по городу, как можно больше. Пусть будет хоть казаться, что вокруг меня есть на кого посмотреть.


I decided I wont have any regrets. None at all, lest I look back at this time with regret that I spent all my time regretting about things I didn't have or didn't do.

Just live.
It'll come.

Useless Things to Buy and Receive

Quite possibly, one of the most useless things sold are bookmarks. I haven't yet had the need for fancy bookmarks, having satisfied myself with a sheet of paper or tissue, or right now, a small packet of wet wipes. Sure, they come in different sizes and shapes and some look heavily decorated, but since I never read more than one or two books at a time and always finish them, they end up being a completely useless part to decorate.

Next to bookmarks, I'd put picture frames - seemingly the default gift alongside candles and scented bath oils. There appears to be so very few picture frames in use at any one time at my house, that I look at them with a view of disdain. They take up my space! They take up precious space for books. Useful things!

Game expansions without the main game
are a major source of disappointment out there, simply because you can't use it immediately out of the box. Without the main game, it's as useless as... a very useless thing.

Nov. 17th, 2009

Попросила синий цвет, он мне намного ближе, чем желтый.
Итак, фото в студию второй раз:

1 - Terry Pratchett - Один из любимых авторов. Пишет сатирически, саркастически, смешно.

2 - Studio d A2 - Эта книга разделяет меня от цели поступить в Гамбургский университет.

3 - Чернила - Обажаю.

4 - Супинаторы - Из за небольшого плоскостопия, вынуждена периодически носить стельки-супинаторы.

5 - Кисточки - Любимых фирм!

6 - Ноутбук - Купленый для поездки в Лейпциг, я не пожалела, что взяла его с собой! Не представляю, чтобы я потом делала по вечерам, дома.

7 - Кольцо с топазом - Подарен родителями нв 16-летие, это камень моего зодиака.

8 - Ожерелье - Люблю бусики.

9 - Влажные салфетки - Долой микробов!